“10 Signs You Are A Pinay Millennial Mom”

Every generation of Pinay moms has different ways of child-rearing. Our grandmas had different beliefs and practices in raising our moms, and our mothers also had their own fashion of upbringing.

Today, I would like to give the spotlight to my fellow millennial moms. We are the generation of awesome mothers who is over and done with old beliefs that don’t really apply to modern times anymore.

I mean, why would I allow a person to put saliva on my baby’s navel?!

If you catch my drift, then you are a certified millennial mom just like me!

Here are signs to know if you are a Pinay millennial mom:


1. You respect old beliefs but no longer believe in them

Just like the one I mentioned like if somebody told you how adorable your little one is and it happened to be on a Friday, your baby might get usog. Best way to combat it? Have that person put saliva on your baby’s feet.

I get it, how the oldies seem to have these countless beliefs and I totally respect them! I don’t retort, I just nod. However, I won’t actually follow the advice because, in my opinion, it just doesn’t make sense.


2. You have exclusively breastfed your baby

Or you still do, even if your dear daughter or son is already 5 years old. Millennial moms are pretty resourceful. When most of us spent our time puking and complaining about the cramps, we were researching about breastfeeding too and made a choice to give what’s best for our baby even if it means..
3. Sacrificing your career and deciding to be the designated at-home parent
For those of you who had the wonderful privilege to temporarily quit our 9 to 5 and to be a stay-at-home mom, I know the feeling. Seriously there is more to being a stay-at-home mom than meets the eye, it deserves a separate blog post of its own.

But for those mommies who don’t have any choice but to go back to work and still decides to breastfeed, it’s much more complicated to achieve. Imagine this: while at work, instead of spending their breaks to relax, they will take out their breast pumps instead and well, pump for milk. It almost came to a point where I would go back to work but decided not to because honestly, I don’t think I can keep up with breastfeeding while working in the corporate world. So to all working moms out there who had to bring their breast pumping gears to work every day, I salute you.


4. You love to babywear and have carefully chosen recommended baby carriers


Millennial moms don’t just buy a baby carrier outright. Instead, we have yet again carefully researched about recommended baby carriers that won’t have any negative impact on our baby’s growth, such as hip dysplasia.

5. You just can’t get enough cloth diapers

Seriously, it has become more than just a way of saving money. But face it, it’s addicting even when most millennial moms won’t admit it. But hey, at least we help mother earth.


6. Most of your baby products are natural and organic

Baby wash? Organic. Baby lotion? Organic. Yep, as millennial moms, we are very careful with what we apply to our baby’s skin. And not just for our baby’s skin…


7. Healthy complementary feeding

is also very common to most millennial moms. Preparing our baby’s food can be so damn tedious! But it’s worth it, right? Gone are the days of Cerelac and Gerber. For moms of this generation, we prefer healthy foods. Such as fruits and vegetables.


8. Homeschool is the new cool

More and more moms have decided to homeschool their little ones instead of sending them to regular school. I personally haven’t reached this part of my parenting yet, but I am also considering this for Nishka. I guess it comes with being a stay-at-home mom, am I right?


9. Bombarding your social media with baby photos

And you don’t give a flying fuck if it’s annoying other people.

Last but definitely not the least…

You prefer

10. Natural parenting or attachment parenting

It’s a gentle approach to encourage our little ones to reach their milestones in their own time.


What do you think are the other things millennial moms do? Share it in the comments!



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